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Igor Fedyukin

Senior+ Software Engineer


Experienced software engineer with 5+ years of professional experience in web development. I'm a T-shaped person and FrontEnd (based on React ecosystem) is my major specialization. Also I dealt with DevOps, BackEnd, management, architecture design.

I'm a strong and independent developer, lover of a remote work format and meetups. Entrepreneur, lecturer and teacher, local community activist.

Major skills


  • JavaScript
  • React ecosystem
  • Type systems (TypeScript, Flow)
  • JAMstack (Next.js, Gatsby)
  • CSS (processing, modules, CSS-in-JS)
  • HTML (Jade/Pug)
  • Client-server (WS, REST, polling)
  • GraphQL (Apollo)
  • Redux (Thunk, toolkit)
  • Build tools (Webpack, Rollup, PostCSS)
  • Testing tools (Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine)
  • Forms (Redux-forms, Yup, Formik)
  • UI-kits and platforms development
  • Analytics development
  • Micro-frontends
  • Performance optimizations


  • NodeJS (ExpressJS, Fastify)
  • S3, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • WS, REST, GraphQL


  • nginx (OpenResty)
  • CI/CD, bash
  • Linux, Docker (compose)
  • Heroku, Google Cloud


  • UML, Architecture design
  • Agile (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • PHP, Python


Master of Computer ScienceSoftware engineering @ RSREU


English: IntermediateRussian: Native


AHUB Innovations inc.

Full-stack team lead

January 2020 - July 2020

I was working on the social network and the digital marketplace projects. I bootstrapped a new project, migrated a project to Next.js, introduced separated projects building and CI/CD processes, fixed architecture and performance issues. Also, I worked on the microservices architecture concept and researched Geo-data visualization methods and algorithms.

Tools: ReactJSReduxRedux ThunkRedux ToolkitTypeScriptWebpackNext.jsGraphQLApolloEmotionYupFormikDockerdocker-composeGitlab CInginxArchitecture design

EPAM - [Learning management system]

Frontend layer architect

March 2019 – December 2019

I was building education and learning management platform. I chose technical stack, bootstrapped the project, assembled the FrontEnd team, took part in development planning. I was responsible for frontend layer architecture, client-server communication's layer, development processes. I described processes and architecture using UML and worked with businesses to fast features delivery and application quality improvements.

Tools: ReactJSWebpackSASSCSS-modulesJestDockerdocker-composeNginxTypeScriptExpressJSNodeJSUMLArchitecture design

EPAM - [Bussiness banking]

Platform team lead

March 2018 – December 2019

I was working on a banking application for business clients and administrators. My responsibilities included frontend layer architecture, development of UI platform and build framework and team leading. I took an active part in new developers interviewing and onboarding.

I introduced new technics (e.g. virtualization) to core components, fixed a lot of performance problems, improved on FrontendOps processes.

As an achievement, I'd like to point out that I reduced disk size of Docker images by 2 times, CI pipeline time by 3 times, application loading time by ~7 times.

Tools: ReactJSReduxRedux ThunkWebpackSASSPostCSSCSS-modulesRollupBabelJestEnzymeDockerKubernetesNginxOpenRestyJenkinsFlowTypeScriptJavaScriptJavaMicro-frontendsLUAUMLArchitecture design

EPAM - [DnD visual CMS]

Frontend developer

June 2017 – December 2017

I was developing the interactive content management and page construction system. I worked on CMS user interface modules and data validation models, implemented client-server interactions and data transformations for different data stores. Also, I integrated external UI-kit libraries into editor space, was fixing performance issues.

Dealt with: ReactJSReduxRedux ThunkWebpackPostCSSSASSJestEnzymeDockerdocker-compose

EPAM - [Employee management system]

Frontend developer

April 2017 – May 2017

I was working on the employee management application frontend part using Angular.js. I created components and directives, improved test coverage and application performance, dealt with NodeJS pre-backend proxy service.

Dealt with: Angular.jsNodeJSExpressJSKarmaJasmine

Freelance and small part-time projects

Full-stack developer

February 2014 – March 2017

I was working on different small projects with different stacks. I was building content management systems, e-commerce marketplaces, media portals and server's administration tools.

Dealt with: PHPNodeJSMySQLMongoDBMicrosoft SQL ServerExpressJSJoomlaWordpressBootstrapLESSjQueryReactJSReduxNginxHerokuTravis CI

Extra mile

Resource development

I was working as a RD manager for the JavaScript stream of the EPAM Ryazan RD department. Also, I was awarded by EPAM CEO as "Best performing trainer".

Teacher and lecturer

I was playing mentor, teacher and lecturer role for developers and students, shared knowledge about web-development, conducted workshops.

Community activist

I took active part in different community activities: OSS projects, knowledge sharing sessions, screencasts and podcasts preparations, speeches.

Part-time and contracts

Also, I was working on different part-time projects as consultant or contractor. Some of them are below.

[Learning Management System]

I was working as a full-stack developer. Primarily worked on frontend side, implemented geo-data visualization, introduced CI/CD technics, configured environment on Google Cloud infrastructure.

[Marketing agency]

I was working on an interactive "Quiz for user" engine and fixed web applications` performance issues: introduced asynchronous approach for analytics data processing.

[Advertising analytics system]

I was working as a solution architect, designed high level architecture, found touch points for business and technologies and improved business processes.

[FinTech startup]

I was working as an engineering manager for several SCRUM teams at medium size project. I worked on a culture of development and engineering, built continuous delivery process, decreased bus factors for individual team mates, set up staffing and onboarding processes.

[Cryptocurrency stock market]

I was working as a FrontEnd architecture consultant, introduced a simple microfrontends-like approach, started static sites migration from Jekyll to 11ty and JAM-stack CMS integration to the content management process. Also, pushed ideas how to fix potential security issues (tokens processing, CSRF, security headers, OpenResty middlewares).

[Games servers` rent service]

I was working as a BackEnd developer. Fixed performance issues at NodeJS and PHP services, worked on integration and automation API.